Meaningful advances in medicine occur through careful and scrutinized research. However, before publishing results in scientific journals, physicians must submit their discoveries for review by experts in the field to determine if it is worthy. Those articles that appear in peer reviewed journals have met these strict criteria.

Few Plastic Surgeons author manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. Even fewer continue publishing after completing their training. A very small number continue to author manuscripts in private practice without working in an academic medical center. And lastly, even fewer publish a book about healthcare!

However, Dr Ross Zbar is one such physician. He continues to actively author manuscripts in peer reviewed journals years after he completed training. He has written about skin cancer (excision and reconstruction); international volunteer medicine and; ethics. This means he is an expert in the field. He also serves as a reviewer for several journals; which is further acknowledgment of this status.

In recognition of his expertise at the local level, Dr Ross Zbar has served as both Director of a (i) Wound Care Center as well as a (ii) Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center in northern NJ. Dr R Zbar also served as Chief of Peri-Operative Services. At the national level, he is a guest examiner for the American Board of Plastic Surgery.