Ross IS Zbar, MD FACS tenaciously pursues the mission of serving stakeholders while simultaneously participating with insurance and operating only in exemplary facilities. He has done this throughout his career. This mission grants patients access to expertise while keeping costs controlled. HIs busy reconstructive practice in northern NJ - for over twenty years - is testament to the strength of this philosophy. 

Dr Zbar was offered a unique opportunity to establish a plastic surgery service-line at a busy, robust, Federal facility serving a dedicated, unique population of patients lacking plastic surgical care. Furthermore, Dr Zbar provides training to surgical and medical residents on-sight. He is no longer seeing patients at the former NJ location.

As a reconstructive surgeon, Ross IS Zbar, MD FACS diagnoses a problem and intervenes. Once managed, there is limited long-term follow-up. Every patient seen in the NJ practice, who underwent an interventional procedure, had a summary letter sent to the referring primary care physician, dermatologist, radiation oncologist or medical oncologist after surgery. These are known as synoptic reports and are part of the requirements of maintaining a cutting edge practice as per the American College of Surgeons.

Although Dr Zbar was the only medical provider in his NJ office, he is part of a multidisciplinary team. Physician members of this team have the relevant records, as provided from Dr Zbar, sent in a timely manner. These letters sent to referring physicians contain the synoptic information. If you want a copy of this letter, please speak first with the physician who referred you to the NJ practice. If you specifically want the operative or pathology report, these can be easily obtained directly from the facility where the procedure was performed.  These facilities have straightforward accessible electronic patient portals and/or Medical Records Department.

For further questions: email; fax (973) 860-4676; or send USPS to PO Box 252 Oakland NJ 07436. Please understand response times vary as Dr Zbar is active at his new location.